Nam Ha Pharmacy Gives 5000 Gifts for Teachers

Nam Ha Pharmacy Gives 5000 Gifts for Teachers

Nam Ha Pharmacy Gives 5000 Gifts for Teachers14/11/2022

On the occasion of the Vietnamese Teachers’ Day on November 20th, Nam Ha Pharma presented 5000 gifts of health on behalf of sincere thanks to all the teachers – the “boat drivers” who have given all knowledge and guidance to every person in their life.

Full of health

The occasion of November 20th is always a noble holiday, a time for us to “be deferential to teachers and respected for morals”  to honor those who have daily and hourly devoted to the development of the community and the young generation – the future “green sprouts” of the country. November 20th every year is considered a traditional holiday of the education sector, in line with other traditional holidays of Vietnam.

Gratitude to teachers is an activity Nam Ha Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (Nam Ha Pharma) regularly conducts with the desire to express gratitude and respect to teachers. As one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam, the stronger it grows, the more Nam Ha Pharma appreciates the deep rooted values of honoring the teachers, the “boat drivers” who have carried themselves on the river of knowledge, and have been constantly striving to achieve success and bring good values to society.

Promoting that noble tradition, as the pharmaceutical company with the oldest herbal cough relief product lines in Vietnam, Nam Ha Pharma understands the teachers’ feelings as well as their health concerns. This year, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day, the Bổ Phế Nam Hà (Nam Ha Lung Tonic) brand desired to give all of its health benefits to the teachers who have been dedicated to guiding generations of Vietnamese people.

Nam Ha Pharma always dedicates its health benefits and wholehearted gratitude to teachers

Full of gratitude

The teaching environment seems harmless, but teachers always have to be exposed to chalk dust or need to speak loudly and talk a lot for a long time, which can cause respiratory diseases such as pharyngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia. laryngitis, pneumonia…

As a way of gratitude, in November 2022, Nam Ha Pharma gave 5,000 gifts to the Hanoi Department of Education and Training. They were Bổ Phế Nam Ha throat spray products that help strengthen lung’s function, limit coughs, reduce phlegm secretion, relieve sore throat due to prolonged cough… Those gratitude gifts had a very special meaning, since reducing coughs is like a wish for teachers to always be healthy.

Over 6 decades in the market, Bổ Phế Nam Hà brand has strongly developed a product line to support cough relief with traditional medicines. In addition to controlling the supply of clean raw materials, like Platycodon, that meets GACP-WHO standards, Bổ Phế Nam Ha is also invested with production technology at traditional medicine manufacturing facilities meeting GMP, GSP, and GLP – WHO standards, as well as ISO 9001-2015 standard of AFAQ organization (France).

Bổ Phế Nam Hà is honored to be the product that won the Vietnam Value award twice in a row, thanks to meeting the “Quality – Innovation – Pioneering capacity” criteria. In order to receive this accolade, Nam Ha Pharma had to go through a long journey of efforts.

Bổ Phế Nam Ha product line has received many titles and awards

Bổ Phế Nam Ha is extracted from herbs as the main ingredients, with the benefits of reducing cough and strengthening the lungs. This product’s advantage is that before helping relieve cough, it dilutes the sputum, helps expel the viscous sputum from the bronchi, and prevents the viscous sputum from overflowing into the lungs. In addition, the composition of Bổ Phế Nam Hà includes Stemona tuberosa, Chinese Licorice, Asparagus cochinchinensis and loquat, which are ingredients that help strengthen the lungs, protect the respiratory tract and effectively reduce the risk of recurrent respiratory infections.

Over 60 years of development, Nam Ha Pharma and Bổ Phế Nam Hà brand have long been associated with many generations of Vietnamese people. The achievements reached so far have proved the tireless efforts of the company of always pioneering in innovation, improving the product’s quality to create value for Vietnamese consumers and dedicate to the health of Vietnamese people.

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