Green Environment

As a prestigious brand for the past 60 years, Nam Ha Pharma has always maintained the goal of sustainable development based on 4 strategic criteria

At Nam Ha Pharma, we always seriously assess the impact on the environment. We ensure that our manufacturing facilities meet environmental standards, apply waste treatment practices and use resources sustainably.

Source of Standard Medicines

In order to put the sustainable development strategy into reality, ensure the supply of clean medicinal herbs and gradually reach out to the international market, Nam Ha Pharma has actively invested in building and sustainably developing a source of medicinal herbs meeting GACP -WHO standards, ensuring 3 “Nos”:

– No pesticides

– No chemical preservatives

– No growth stimulants

Sustainability Commitment

Medicinal herbs are grown in a standard living environment, complying with the requirements of soil, temperature, water source, fertilizer, pollution level… We appreciate the sustainable and non-harmful use of resources in the environment around the facilities as well as the areas where medicinal plants are grown.

Oriented development

In the coming time, Nam Ha Pharma will continue expanding the standard growing area, in order to further improve the quality of products as well as contribute to preserving the precious medicinal resources of Vietnam.

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