Human Development

As a prestigious brand for the past 60 years, Nam Ha Pharma has always maintained the goal of sustainable development based on 4 strategic criteria

With the goal of becoming the destination of talents, Nam Ha Pharma always considers people as the foundation for the prosperity of the company. We always strive to build a professional working environment, create the most favorable conditions for each individual to reach their full potential, constantly promote and contribute to the society.

Diverse Human Resources

Nam Ha Pharma has a collectivity of human resources spreading throughout the country in many fields, industries and working in many different conditions (offices, markets, factories, farms). We aim to build a disciplined, cultural and civilized working environment for all members of the company, based on the principles of respect, equality, regardless of gender, region or religion. .

Attracting and Retaining Talent

The attraction of talents in the pharmaceutical industry has always been Nam Ha Pharma’s focus to build a team of qualified labors with solid professional knowledge as well as enthusiasm for the pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam. Besides, Nam Ha Pharma always creates the best opportunities and conditions for its employees to improve their knowledge, develop themselves and contribute to the development of the company and the community.

Connecting Members

Nam Ha Pharma aims to build a united, strong and cohesive collective. Employees can participate in many interesting activities both to increase cohesion and improve mental and physical health such as Pharmacist Club, amateur football tournaments, big and small running tournaments, etc.